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Why esSENtial Early Years?

Welcome to esSENtial Early Years; an OUTSTANDING (OFSTED, 2022) private day nursery and pre-school providing care for children aged 0-5 with special needs. The environment has been specifically designed and refurbished to include a unique imaginarium, movement room, three base rooms and a secure, inspiring outdoor space for children to explore.

At esSENtial Early Years we are passionate about the care and education of children with special needs and believe that all children deserve the best provision throughout their lives. This begins with their early years education, which sets the foundations for life long learning. Our staff have the knowledge and passion to provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment for children with special needs to be supported and challenged to achieve their full potential.


My Happy Mind

My Happy Mind is an NHS backed programme that is grounded in the latest science and research about how to create positive well-being in the Early Years. My Happy Mind compliments the EYFS framework and supports the health and development of children. At Essential Early Years we use this programme to develop the children's emotional well-being through happy breathing activities. We learn all about how our brain works and how to understand our feelings and emotions. We adapt the programme to ensure all children can access it.

Movement Room

Our movement room is fully equipped to support children physical development with a range of inspiring resources, including climbing equipments, soft play, trampoline and a ball pit! We also use our movement room as part of our sensory integration which is provided through a range of activities that are a combination of a ‘Sensory Diet’, to soothe or help alert an individual and ‘Sensory Circuits’ at timely intervals throughout the day. The activities are mainly practical and can involve balancing, pushing and pulling and other tasks, which are matched to individual children’s sensory needs.

Our Imaginarium

Essential Early Years has an amazing, calming sensory room which we have called the ‘imaginarium’. This was designed based on extensive research to ensure it met the needs of children and supported sensory integration. Our imaginarium is a space for children to relax and imagine in an environment filled with bubbles, soothing lights, sounds and calming colours. The imaginarium is also used as part of the 'calling' aspect of our sensory diets and circuits. A sensory room provides physical and mental stimulus for children and also supports children's learning within the EYFS:

What The Parents Say

At esSENtial Early Years...

When your child joins esSENtial Early Years they will become part of our family.

  • Our staff are passionate and highly trained
  • Our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of all children
  • Our setting has specialist resources to support all children’s development
  • Our provision is set up to ensure it is a positive environment for all
  • esSENtial Early Years is small and homely, ensuring the environment is the perfect place for your child to flourish
  • We were rated OUTSTANDING in our first ever OFSTED inspection in 2022

Your child’s health and welfare is our main priority.

Our staff all receive safeguarding training and we have a designated safeguard lead on site at all times.

All staff have paediatric first aid training which is updated regularly.

We adhere to strict legislation requirements to ensure that every child is safeguarded to enable them to feel safe and secure when at nursery and at home.

Our staff carry out regular risk assessments to ensure that the environment, resources and activities are safe for our children to enjoy and develop.

Children’s playrooms are all monitored by CCTV.

esSENtial Early Years is a warm, friendly and professional setting, where you are greeted with positivity and everyone has a genuine interest in your child and their happiness. We focus on smaller class sizes and higher staff ratio’s to ensure your children has the care and attention they need as well as giving you and your little one a sense of security.

We understand that each child is unique which is why we take the time to get to know your child during settling in sessions. We know each child individually which enables us to effectively meet their needs, support their development and, most importantly, ensure they have lots of fun during their time with us.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to support your child to learn through play. This sets out the overall, high standards for child care and education across the country. In order to help your child reach their full potential, we abide by the four overreaching principles of the EYFS. These include;

A Unique Child – We respect children as individuals and support them to become resilient, capable, confidant and self-assured.

Positive Relationships –We strive to create positive relationships with the children and also encourage them to form friendly relationships with their peers.

Enabling Environments – We communicate regularly amongst our team and parents to ensure that our environment is stimulating for all our children.

Development – We understand that every child develops in different ways and at different rates and adjust our practice to suit their changing needs.


  • Explorers Music Area
  • Imaginarium Fibre Optics
  • Exploratory Play
  • Inventors Role Play Area
  • Sensory Wall
  • inventors sensory play
  • Fairy Garden
  • imaginarium
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